Henry 2K-3 Restoration

Henry 2K-3 Features

  • Circa 1969
  • Grounded Grid Tube Amplifier
  • Two 3-500Z tubes
  • Commercial grade transmitter

Henry 2K-3 Restoration

This was big restoration project. I will be putting together a more elaborate web page in the future.

My Elmer, Bob - W1YRC is using a Henry 2K console that belonged to his Elmer, the famous DXer, Charlie - W1FH (sk). Charlie was a top DXer and recieved DXCC #1. Bob taught me how to tune a linear on the Henry 2K.

I decided to get a Henry linear fully restored to use as my primary amplifier. It was a big project and almost a year from start to finish. I had to find someone to do the restoration, figure out how to ship the 100lb boat anchor, and then during the restoration I had to make decisions how to proceed.

Shipping - Ham Radio Boxes

I found an excellent resorce for shipping: Ham Radio Boxes. Dave Haller - KA1W is an artist when it comes to designing and building boxes to ship ham radio equpiment. He took careful measurements and created a custom solution for my Henry Amp. I really lucked out, because shortly after creating my boxes he had to suspend his buisness . I will let you know when he resumes!

Restoration - Laura the AmpLady - WB2YL

I had several extended phone conversations with Laura before shipping the Henry to her in Florida. I really liked her attitude. She restored the transmitter as though she were going to use it herself. She contacted me with progress reports and we discussed which direction to take as issues came up. She finished the project on budget and on time. I learned a lot working with her on this project.